November Favourites- Day one of Blogmas

Welcome to Day 1 of Blogmas! I hope you are having a fantastic December so far. I thought I would start of Blogmas with some of the things I have been loving through November, I hope you enjoy.

1The first thing I have been loving is Zoella’s hand cream Hungry Hands from her Christmas range: zoella-hungry-hands

It was only 5 pounds from superdrug and is a very decent size, and has the most goregous scent, which is gingerbread with vanilla and smells like a little gingerbread village (My dream house!) It moisturises the hands very nicely and lasts a long time, one of my favourite hand creams ever!

2.The next thing is Tanya Burr’s baking book Tanya Bakes:tanya-bakes

I got this quite near the end of November for about 9 pounds on amazon and it was totally worth it! So many recipes and lots of really sweet backstorys on the bakes and the bakes are amazingly delicous!

3.I have also been enjoying wrigley’s extra white gum


It has lots and lots of gum in it and the gum is really nice and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and minty.

4.I really enjoy using spotify (premium) as it is so useful and a lot cheaper (for me) than buying songs off itunes.

5. Aussies Winter miracle shampoo (and conditoner)


It smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling so super soft and your hair shines (like freshly fallen snow, at least that is what it said on the packet.

I am planning on doing a Q and A on Christmassy things later on in December, so if you could comment some questions, that would be really useful.

I hope you have enjoyed the post and I will post tomorrow for day 2 of blogmas!


Hmella 🙂




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