My favourite Christmas songs part 1

Welcome to Blogmas day 2!!

Today I thought I would go through my top ten favourite Christmas songs part one!


10.Mack Z Sleigh ride. Mackenzie Ziegler (who is on Dance Moms) released this song last year and I really love listening to it, it gets you in the Christmassy mood.

FYI All these songs I will most often listen to on spotify

9.Merry Christmas everyone. This is such a classic and is one of the best songs to get you into the Christmas spirit! 

8.Silver bells by Michael Buble. This is really calming and a very nice relaxing Christmas song and would be perfect to listen to in the evening either before bed or as background music at dinner.

7.Shake up Christmas by Train. I really like this song and would be great at a party.

6.Christmas eve with you by Glee. This is a really lovely song and is a great Christmas song to if you want to relax or if you’re sad

I will post about the next 5 tomorrow!


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