My Christmas baking plans

Welcome to Blogmas day 6!

I LOVE baking and I especially love it during the festive season, so today I thought I would share some of the things I am planning on baking this Christmas.

First off is somehthing I have been wanting to make since probably 2014 or 2013 is Paul Hollywood’s Kransekeke. If anyone can pronounce this correctly I will be really impressed. Doesn’t it look impressive, so I will be very proud of myself I can produce this this Christmas!


The next thing is a Gingerbread house. I made one of these years ago and I feel 2016 is the time to make another gingerbread house. They look amazing, are lots of fun to make and taste good!


The next thing I would like to make isn’t quite as impressive but is something that Zoella posted in a video a couple days age and it is christmas tree brownies. These are really simple and just put a festive twist on some regular brownies!

They are the things in the bottom corner.


Another thing that I shockingly have never made are mince pies, I love the taste of them and always buy them from the store but have never made them.


This is another one of Zoe’s recipes that I did last year and would love to make again and these are her Gingerbread cupcakes.


I will obviously be making Christmas sugar cookies, cupcakes and lots of other festive goodies!

Tell me in the comment your favourite things to bake in December! And also leave questions for a festive Q & A.

I hope you enjoyed and I will post tomorrow for day 7 of Blogams!

Hmella 🙂



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