Top 3 festive Drinks

Welcome to Blogmas day 13!

Today I will be talking about my top 3 favourite festive drinks.

3. Gingerbread green tea

This tea is from twinnings and is really delicous as well as being really simple to make. You can drink it all year round but it is especially nice around Christmas.


2. Peppermint tea

I really like both the teapigs and twinnings peppermint tea, but since twinning is cheaper I usually go for it over teapigs. It is really delicous and is also supposed to be good for sore stomachs. Again it is nice all year round but especially during decmeber.pepp


3. Hot Chocolate

I don’t really have a preferred brand of hot chocolate but I love adding cream and marshmallows and cinnamon and ginger or peppermint extract.

I hope you enjoyed! Please leave questions in the comment for a festive q and a!




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