Lush Boxing Haul


I am sorry that this blog post is so late,   January and February just flew past and I have no clue where all the  days went!

On boxing day Lush have a bigsale where everything is 50% off; I have never bought anything from this sale before and I thought it would just be so busy and hectic if I went into the shop so at 9 AM I got up and joined the online line of some crazy amount like 30 000. Then I started checking Lush’s twitter waiting for updates. I don’t know quite how but I somehow joined the American lush so I got off the line to find everything in dollars. I also strangly had left the UK Lush tab open (and as you can imagine I was so happy about this). I still had to wait another hour or 2. Then after a couple hours of checking the website about every 5 minutes I finally saw the it said 1 minute to wait and I got online! And here is what I bought! (PS sorry for such a long rambly intro!)

First off is The Father Christmas bath bomb! I had never had this bath bomb before but I knew a few people who said it was amazing so I bought 2 of these. I have used one of them already (reviews for it will be coming soon) and it smells and looks amazing.


The next thing I bought was the Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb. This was new this year and I thought it was really cool how half of it was a bath bomb and the other haf was I bath melt. It smells a bit like snow fairy bit not quite as sweet.


The next thing I bought was Shoot for the stars. This was also new this year (or I think it is). This is a vibrant blue colour and has three glittery stars (which are bath melts). It smells tangy and a bit like oranges.


The last bath bomb is Golden Wonder. This bath bomb has definitely been In Lush in previous years. I some how have managed never to pick this up so I was so excited to try it! It is a huge bath bomb and is glittery on the outside but blue on the indside.


The last thing I got was the igloo soap. I got this in the green colour and it smells divine, also a plus is that Lush soaps last for such a long time I will probably still have this in 2020!


Sorry again for such a late post, I can’t believe it’s march already!!


Maybe next year I can go into the shop and get more goodies!





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