40 Facts about me

I have now had this blog since November and I am thrilled to have 23 followers! So I thought I could do a blog post which would help you all get to know me a bit better.

  1. I love Lush, especially the bath bombs and bubble bars.
  2. I have a cocker Spaniel dog
  3. My favourite colour is blue
  4. My favourite season is winter
  5. I LOVE Christmas
  6. My Birthday is March 27th (which was easter last year)
  7. I love to bake
  8. I LOVEEEEEEE Harry Potter
  9. I play the piano
  10. I have two older brothers and eight cousins and I am the youngest out of all of us!
  11. I like the Body Shop
  12. I love Zoella’s products as well as her channel
  13. I was born in Scotland
  14. I lived in the USA (Kansas, yes the wizard of oz place…) for 5 years when I was younger
  15. I have size 6 1/2 to 7 feet
  16. I am about 5’5 feet
  17. I played Fives when I was younger (let me know down below if you know what fives is)
  18. I love nail polish
  19. I love chocolate, probably too much, but who doesn’t
  20. I like Modern family
  21. I have never broken a bone
  22. I have very mild hay fever
  23. I have probably the weakest wrists on this planet and not joking I sometimes find it almost hard to carry a mug of tea!
  24. I love tea
  25. But not as much as I love hot Chocolate
  26. I like to climb Munroes (mountains in Scotland over 3000 feet)
  27. I like summer and hot weather but I much prefer winter and cold weather
  28. I love spring because it’s the beginning of Summer, It’s my Birthday and You can completley forget about Christmas
  29. My favourite actors are Maggie Smith and Emma Watson
  30. I used to be scared of dogs
  31. I hate spiders
  32. When I was younger my dad owned thousands of books (not joking literally thousands!)
  33. My favourite lush product is yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon
  34. I don’t have my ears pierced but would like to have them pierced im the future
  35. I have known my best friend since I was 2
  36. I love acting
  37. I am slightly short sighted so I wear glasses to watch TV
  38. I have been to Harry Potter Warner Brother studios twice
  39. I want to go back to america and see my old friends again as well as visit Colorado (we went there for thanksgiving) and orlando to go to Harry potter world
  40. I have always wanted to visit Chile

I hope this post helped you to get to know me a bit better and I would love it if you gave me some questions as I might do a Q &A.



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