What I got for Christmas 2016

Hello! How are you all? I personally love to read “What I got for Christmas” or “What I got for my Birthday” so today I decided to do my own.

I was very lucky last Christmas and got many gifts form my family and here they are:DSC04268

I Love baths so I got these M&S Bath fizzers. There are six of them shaped like snowmen and christmas trees and they smell delicous.


The next thing I got was also a bath realated item and it was Zoella’s Le fizz fizz bar from her sweet inspirations range. This also smells amazing, you can buy this in superdrug.


The next present I got from my older brother and it is Next’s white amber perfume. It was such a handy size (I have finished it now, I couldn’t resist it some days!) and smells AMAZING!! I am definitley going to get the full sized one or anothor handy sized one like this, I would definitley reccomend!


The next gift was also from my brother and it is this gorgeous watch from Next, I really wanted a watch as my old one broke so I was really happy with it!


I also wanted a new purse for Christmas and I got this beautiful turquiose one, it’s so lovely and spacious and fits perfectly in my handbag.


The next thing I got for Christmas Was this handbag from debenhams and I love it so much!


The last thing I am going to show you is this lovely baking book which has lots of recipes from all around the world and I cant wait to try some out!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you have a happy Mothers day!








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