What Food I buy at the supermarket


Today I’m going to be doing a slightly different From my usual posts. I’m going to go through the food I bought when I last went shopping, please tell me in the comments if you liked this post and if you’d like more food related posts. 

So I usually shop at Sainsbury’s or Morrisons as they are the most convienient for me. On this particular occasion I went to Sainsbury’s.

So the first thing I got was avocados. I really love avocados they’re great for breakfast or for lunch and they’re just so delicious ( and healthy!)

The next thing I got one of my favourite foods: cherry tomatoes. These are a great snack and also go well in salad with lettuce and avocados 

I also got some iceberg lettuce. I particularly like this in sandwiches and salads

Mange tout are one of my favourite vegetables and I love having them with fish.

Carrots are also great, I like them both raw and cooked. When they’re raw I really love them with some hummus.

( sorry for the blurry picture!)

I like ham in sandwiches with lettuce and cheese ( and sometimes tomatoes )

I really like cheese and this one I just like to snack on

Mature cheese is really nice ( and a good source of protein) I like it in sandwiches 

I love Camembert! I would be interested to hear if you eat the rind or not? I do!

I usually use eggs for baking but sometimes for breakfasts.

As much as I like white bread I try to stick to brown as it is a lot better for you.

I really like to snack on oatcakes and. These cheese ones are one of my favourites 

I really like fish and salmon is my favourite to eat, I also really enjoy smoked salmon

I’ve never tried these mango yogurts before but they looked really delicious so I thought I’d try them

I love crumpets! With some jam and butter it’s the perfect snack!

I love chocolate and these hobnobs are perfect!

As I said I love chocolate and these dark chocolate bars were on special offer.

I’ve never tried these before but each lolly is 99 kcal so I thought I would try them

I love having smoothies in the morning so here are some ingredients I got to make them.

I hope you enjoyed that post! Please tell me I’m the comments if you would like more posts like this!



2 thoughts on “What Food I buy at the supermarket

  1. Gluecksgeist May 20, 2017 / 9:10 pm

    I love to see what people buy at the supermarket! Great post!


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