My favourite Vlogmas – Blogmas day 12

Hey! So we are half way through advent to Christmas Day!

Today I am going to be talking about some of my favourite vlogmases.

So, if you don’t know Vlogmas is when a youtube vlogs everyday from the 1st of December to the 24th. They are really festive and a nice way to end a busy day if you are tired.

So my 3rd favourite Vlogmas is Niomi Smart’s.

Her Videos are very chilled but interesting with a festive vibe. She does some really good healthy vegan treats in them as well as some fitness. But she also does lots of fun festive activities to keep you interested.

My second favourite is Tanya burr.

Her vlogs are very long and festive. She has a good balance between chilled days at home and doing lots of festive activities.

My favourite are Zoellas.

Her vlogs make you feel REALLY festive and excited about Christmas. They are also a really good length and very interesting.


What are your favourite vlogmas?



20 Christmas facts about me -Blogmas day 9

Hello! Welcome to Blogmas day 9!

I am going to be talking about 20 facts about me, but Christmas edition!!

  1. Christmas is my favourite time of year.
  2. I had White Christmas’ when I was younger so I really want one this year!
  3. I get slightly exited for xmas in November but really excited in December
  4. I get my Christmas tree around the 15th of December each year!
  5. I love putting presents under the tree
  6. My Favourite Christmas song is All I want for Christmas is you
  7. My favourite Xmas movie is Elf
  8. I have 7 Christmas playlists on Spotify
  9. I love the Lush Christmas range
  10. My favourite Christmas colours are green, red and gold
  11. I always have an advent calendar and candle
  12. I decorate my tree with lots of ornaments I have gathered over the years.
  13. My Christmas tree always have to be above 6 feet tall
  14. I love Christmas carols
  15. I love mince pies
  16. J20 glitter berry remind me of Christmas
  17. Chocolate oranges also remind me of it
  18. I have special Xmas mugs I only get out in Decmber
  19. I always get excited for Zoellas and Tanya burr’s Xmas range
  20. I love spending the time with my family and friends

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are some interesting Christmas facts about you?


What I’m excited to do This Christmas -Blogmas day 7

Hello and Welcome to Blogmas day 7!

Today I am going to be talking about some things I am excited to do this December.

Buying and Decorating the tree

One thing I Love doing each year is buying and decorating the tree. I love spending quality time with my family and really getting into the Festive spirit. We always get a real Christmas tree, do you get fake ones or real ones?

Having a cosy movie night and pamper night

What I love to do before Christmas is get a Lush bath bomb run myself a bath, read a book, have some hot chocolate and watch a movie! It is such a nice thing to do to wind down.

Going Ice Skating

I have never gone Ice skating and I really want to!! It is such a fun thing to do and I’ve never done it! Have any of you gone ice skating!


have a nice day!!


A White Christmas – Blogmas day 5


Only 20 days left till Christmas! Hows your week been so far?

Today I am going to be talking about White Christmases, not just Christmas Day but just as I season.

In Britain, it will snow, but it’s the slushy kind that you can’t make snowmen with. Some years will can get more though.

When I was a child I lived in America for a while and it snowed a lot there! (I lived in Kansas but we went on holiday to Colorado) There would be snow throughout the Christmas season, sometimes on Christmas Day! I have so many fond memories of the snow and going sledging, making snowmen and snow angels!

Does it snow where you live? What kind of snow is it?

I hope you have a nice day!

Hmella πŸ™‚


PS Sorry for the short posts, there will be much longer ones coming soon!

November Favourites – Blogmas day 2

Hi! How’s your December gone so far??

Today I thought I would talk about some of the things I loved through November.

The first thing is a game called rider. It is so fun and really addictive! It is such a great thing to play when you’re really bored. Se if you can beat my high score if 70!

The next thing I have been loving is the white amber perfume form Next. I really love how this smells and its also quite cheap! I really think its a great scent for the winter months.

The other scent I love it the Snowella rollerball. I love the rollers balls, it’s so handy Β and lasts for a really long time. I also really think that the scent is really subtle and pretty.

I also really love the body shop spiced apples hand cream. This smells AMAZING and keeps your hands moisturised. I bought this last year.

Another hadn’t cream I love is the Zoella hungry hands from her Christmas range last year. It smells so good! Just like Christmas!

Hmella πŸ™‚

Blogmas – Day 1


So it’s the 1st of December and the beginning of advent. Advent is one of my favourite times of the year, so I thought I will do Blogmas.

Blogmas is basically a blog post everyday throughout Advent. They are usually Christmas related.

I tried to do Blogmas last year but didn’t quite manage it near the end! I hope this year will be more successful!

So that’s the end of the little introduction.

I hope you all have a great December!

Hmella πŸ™‚