What Christmas means to me – Blogmas day 21


Christmas is very nearly here. I think Christmas is such a magical time and I’m so excited for Christmas Eve and Day. I love the fun Christmas shops, presents, decorations etc but I think as Christmas Day nears I would like to talk more about the meaning of Christmas and What it means to me.

I love Christmas Eve as me and my family have so many traditions. It makes me feel so happy and feel the true meaning of Christmas. I love going to bed and thinking about all the things I am thankful for.

Christmas Day is such a loving day! Everyone is in a fantastic mood and every one hugs and kisses as they receive presents, play games and eat dinner.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Hmella 🙂

PS If you have any Christmas Questions please leave them in the comments! I want to do a Christmas Q and A either tomorrow or the next day.


A Bowl of Christmas – Blogmas day 17

So before I start I have to say I’m really sorry fro not doing Blogmas day 15 or 16. I just got really busy and didn’t have the time!`But I’m back and will continue Blogmas until Christmas Eve.

So I am staying away with my family at the moment in a little lodge, which is incredible and even has a Hot Tub!!!! Which I am literally about to get in!

But (back to the point) in the living room on the coffee table there is a bowl of pine cones and Cinnamon sticks and dried oranges. I thought this was such a nice idea and is literally a bowl of Chritsmas!

Have a nice day!


Again please do leave some Festive questions in the comments for a Q and A later on in Blogmas!

My top Ten Christmas films – Blogmas day 13

Hi! So as Christmas day is nearing we are all getting more festive and the perfect way to get into the Christmas mood is to put on a Christmas film, snuggle up with a blanket and a Hot chocolate.

So I am going to be talking about my top 10 Christmas films.

In 10th place is Jingle All The Way.

So I only watched this for the first time last year. It is very light hearted and funny, its story line is not great but it is great if you just want something simple and hilarious.

In 9th Place is Holiday in Handcuffs

I don’t think may people know about this movie but it is a really good one. It has a really great and funny storyline, although it is very predictable. Its really funny and very festive.

In 8th is The Holiday

This film has a fantastic storyline and has some really good actors in it.

In 7th is The Christmas mail

This is another one that isn’t quite as well known, its storyline is quite predictable but it is really fun and festive and makes you feel cosy. It’s about this girl who is Santa’s daughter and she goes to work at a post office and she falls for a postman, but there are a couple plot twists.

In 6th Place is Four Christmases

This film is about a couple who have divorced parents so they have 4 different Christmases and it is really interesting and funny. The plot is also quite good.

In 5th place is Christmas Vacation

This is one of the funniest Christmas films and has a really fantastic plot line and makes you feel very festive.

In 4th Place is Home Alone 2

Home alone 1 isn’t in my list because I personally prefer the 2nd one (is anyone else with me?) I just think the storyline is really good, it’s really festive and it is in a great location

In 3rd is Arthur Christmas

This is a really cute Christmas film and a great one for Christmas Eve. It has a great plot and is extremely festive and has some funny moments.

2nd place is Nativity!

The first nativity is definitely the best of the 3 nativities, though I do like the other ones. It is really cute and gives you all the memories of when you were little, It really makes you feel festive (can anyone count the amount of times I’ve said festive!!)

And my favourite Christmas film is ELF!!

Elf is the funniest film and I can never get bored of it! If you haven’t seen it the you absolutely HAVE to!!


What are your favourite Christmas films?



Can you please leave some festive Questions in the comment section because I want to do a Festive Q&A nearer the end of Blogmas. I mention this in a few posts. ut if you ahem any questions please leave them below!

My favourite Vlogmas – Blogmas day 12

Hey! So we are half way through advent to Christmas Day!

Today I am going to be talking about some of my favourite vlogmases.

So, if you don’t know Vlogmas is when a youtube vlogs everyday from the 1st of December to the 24th. They are really festive and a nice way to end a busy day if you are tired.

So my 3rd favourite Vlogmas is Niomi Smart’s.

Her Videos are very chilled but interesting with a festive vibe. She does some really good healthy vegan treats in them as well as some fitness. But she also does lots of fun festive activities to keep you interested.

My second favourite is Tanya burr.

Her vlogs are very long and festive. She has a good balance between chilled days at home and doing lots of festive activities.

My favourite are Zoellas.

Her vlogs make you feel REALLY festive and excited about Christmas. They are also a really good length and very interesting.


What are your favourite vlogmas?


20 Christmas facts about me -Blogmas day 9

Hello! Welcome to Blogmas day 9!

I am going to be talking about 20 facts about me, but Christmas edition!!

  1. Christmas is my favourite time of year.
  2. I had White Christmas’ when I was younger so I really want one this year!
  3. I get slightly exited for xmas in November but really excited in December
  4. I get my Christmas tree around the 15th of December each year!
  5. I love putting presents under the tree
  6. My Favourite Christmas song is All I want for Christmas is you
  7. My favourite Xmas movie is Elf
  8. I have 7 Christmas playlists on Spotify
  9. I love the Lush Christmas range
  10. My favourite Christmas colours are green, red and gold
  11. I always have an advent calendar and candle
  12. I decorate my tree with lots of ornaments I have gathered over the years.
  13. My Christmas tree always have to be above 6 feet tall
  14. I love Christmas carols
  15. I love mince pies
  16. J20 glitter berry remind me of Christmas
  17. Chocolate oranges also remind me of it
  18. I have special Xmas mugs I only get out in Decmber
  19. I always get excited for Zoellas and Tanya burr’s Xmas range
  20. I love spending the time with my family and friends

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are some interesting Christmas facts about you?


What I’m excited to do This Christmas -Blogmas day 7

Hello and Welcome to Blogmas day 7!

Today I am going to be talking about some things I am excited to do this December.

Buying and Decorating the tree

One thing I Love doing each year is buying and decorating the tree. I love spending quality time with my family and really getting into the Festive spirit. We always get a real Christmas tree, do you get fake ones or real ones?

Having a cosy movie night and pamper night

What I love to do before Christmas is get a Lush bath bomb run myself a bath, read a book, have some hot chocolate and watch a movie! It is such a nice thing to do to wind down.

Going Ice Skating

I have never gone Ice skating and I really want to!! It is such a fun thing to do and I’ve never done it! Have any of you gone ice skating!


have a nice day!!