January Favourites

Hello! I am going to talk in this post about what I’ve been loving in January! Please tell me in the comments what you’ve been loving last month.

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So the first thing I have been loving in January is quite a classic thing but it is a weekly planner. I find it really useful and looks really nice on my desk. The only thing I would change about it is that I would add a Sunday and a Saturday because it is quite annoying when you want to write something down for the weekend and there isn’t a space for it. But I find the little notes and the tick it off quite useful and it was only £5 in the sale from boots.

The next thing I used a lot throughout January is the Burt’s Bees Deep pore scrub and the lemon cuticle cream. The scrub I like to use about every other day and my skin feels really refreshed after using it. The lemon cuticle cream is great because I have rough nil beds and this really helps smooth them out.

I started to read And then there were none near the end of January and I think it is fantastic! I really like reading Murder Mysteries and I am about 1/3 through it and I already love it. I was going to watch it after I read it but one f my friends said NO! Don’t I could barely watch it, it was so gruesome and scary. So I might not. Have any of you watched it? But the book is really good.

MURRAY MINTS! They are so delicious and this M and S ones are so good. They were only like 1 or 2 pounds. Amazing. That’s all I have to say.

Onto more beauty related things. I got this MUA Highlighter for Christmas and I LOVE IT. The pattern is really pretty but the colour and shimmer are really mice, not to overpowering but a nice little shimmer.

The US office is so good! I watched some of it a few years ago when I lived in the US, but I bought this of amazon and it is hilarious. Steve Carrell is sooooo funny. If you haven’t watched it I would Highly recommend it!


Well that’s the end to my January favourites, what did you guys love last month?



Winter is almost over

Hi! It’s finally February!

Okay so after saying in my last post that January was going quicker than usual, the last couple weeks really dragged on and I am so happy we have got to February!

I thought I would do a post today because the weather outside is GORGEOUS, I am looking outside my living room window and there are few clouds and a lovely blue sky! I just got back from a walk with my dog, and although it is still quite cold it is getting nearer to Spring. I think that here in the UK we have had more snow than we have ever had since the winter of 2011 and 2012.

I am extremely excited for Spring, I think is it a beautiful time of year, it has some really nice dates, although there isn’t a big Holiday like Christmas there are still some very nice dates such as: Mother’s Day, Easter and my Birthday! I also think that the weather is really nice because it’s not scorching (I hate hot weather and yes I live in the UK but I just don’t like hot weather) but it’s getting slightly warmer.

Well this was a nice post, thought I’d just write a  little post.


Red velvet cupcakes


So it’s almost the end of January already! Usually January drags on for me but this year it has gone relatively quickly.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon I thought I would bake something for that. So since I have never made red velvet cakes before so I thought I would try it.

So, I for some reason used to think that red velvet cakes were chocolate and vanilla cakes coloured red with cream cheese icing. They are not, and I don’t even know how I didn’t know because I have had them before!! Well for those of you that like me didn’t know the cake is a chocolate and vanilla cake coloured red but also has buttermilk in it as well as Bicarbonate of soda. * I actually didn’t have any buttermilk so I used milk mixed with lemon and it worked fine.

So I used Cupcake Jemma’s recipe, I don’t know if any of you know her but she has a youtube channel and posts some recipes and this one was really simple and was really delicious. * I used 1/2 quantities for the cakes and 1/3 quantities for the icing (and I still had spare icing!) Here is the link to the video: 


So here are the pictures!!

Have a nice day! Please tell me in the comments if any of you are interested in baking too!

Hmella 🙂

Aims for 2018

Hi all!! I hope you had a really nice new year and Christmas period, I apologise for not posting since Christmas Eve but I needed a bit of a break since Blogmas. I hope your New Year has been going well, mine has so far!!

So as some people do this year I have made some aims for the following year and I thought I would chat through them.

My first one is to drink more water. Especially as the warmer months are coming it is so important to keep hydrated, I have a really cool water bottle which has a filter in the middle which you put fruit in and it will flavour the water, so I will definitely be using that this year.

My second aim is to lose a bit of weight, I know this is something that lots of people do and is such a classic new year’s resolution, but I do think new year is the best time to get fit. I want to lose about 5 or 10 pounds from what I was at Christmas ( I don’t want a set target as I don’t want to think to much about the number but more about being healthy and building muscle and getting rid of fat) and I have already lost 1.8, so I am happy I have made start. I also don’t want to focus too much on the number on the scale and try to think about body fat percentage, because of course muscle weighs a lot and you don’t want to focus too much on losing weight. When I was younger I would always think I want to lose weight but now I think more like I want to get fit, the weight is more like a guideline to me.

This sort of goes hand in hand with the last one but eating healthier and not buying too much refined sugar products in packages but going to the fruit and veg and making delicious meals (especially Breakfast and lunches)  because I love baking so much, I really want to grow a love of cooking, I think it is such an amazing thing that you can make a delicious meal from scratch. I personally love healthy foods as well, and things like avocados and tomatoes are truly yummy and although buying a ready meal is alright sometimes, don’t you feel so much better about yourself if you’ve had a good healthy meal, even if it was a really big one. So I will be posting about some of my favourite healthier recipes. I have Niomi Smart’s Eat Smart book, which I think is fantastic. I also think baking is great, and definitely treat yourself but sometimes I want to try low sugar or sugar free recipes to be a tiny bit healthier.

My final aim is to be a nicer person. Although aims and resolutions like losing weight and eating healthier are important I think being a nice generous person even more important. So every day I want to go to bed thinking I have done something nice or kind to help someone else. One of my favourite quotes is ” It is nice to be Important but more important to be nice” and I think this is so true.

So take it day by day and I hope you all have a really great 2018!!

Hmella 🙂


Lush thunderstorm review 

Hello! I haven’t done a Lush review in a while so I thought I would do one today. The other day I popped into Lush to look at all the new Halloween and Christmas Range, I didn’t pick much up except for the Thunderstorm bath bomb which smells amazing! I think it was £3.50, But I’m not sure.


It was a lovely blue and green colour and fizzed really nicely in the bath.

I don’t know about other people but Watching a bath bomb fizz away is one of the most satisfying things.

When it had all fizzed away, my bath was a gorgeous blue colour with white swirls.

This is one of my favourite bath bombs from Lush, I would highly recommend.



PS Would you like me to do Blogmas this year?



Why I Love Autumn


Its finally October (well it has been for the last week or two!) I thought that doing a post on my Favourite things about Autumn would be a great way to start this month.

The first thing that I love about Autumn is that the weather gets cooler. I do love Summer and sun and beaches and all that lovely stuff but I personally prefer the colder weather, I love cosy evenings and rain, I really hate it when you are boiling hot and trying to fan yourself and you’re all sweaty. But when it’s cold you can bundle up at get cosy! You have movies and baths and hot chocolates and cosy socks and PJ’s!!

The next thing I love is: Pumpkin spice! If I’m completely honest as much as I love it there is sometimes too much of it especially in America. But things like bread and cupcakes and drinks I really love!! I am also going to link into this Pumpkins. I love carving pumpkins! It just really gives me the Halloween feels and reminds me of when I was really young.

This leads me on to Halloween!! I did love it more when I was a. child as you could have SO much candy and trick or treat and you could eat all you want without gaining any weight! But I still love Halloween! The costumes, the spooky movies and just the amazing spooky atmosphere everywhere you go at the end of October!

Food. I love food in general but in Autumn it gets even better. I’ve already talked about Pumpkin spice, But there’s so much more!! Pumpkin pies, caramel apples, apples and blackberries and all the different and “limited” candies for Halloween. Last year I tried  so hard to get pureed pumpkin. I went to Waitrose several times as well as several other shops and I just couldn’t find it, so I ended up buying some tins of it off Amazon. So this year I think I will do that too. Does anyone else find it hard to find pureed pumpkin at this time of year?

Candles!! I love candles and of course you can still light them in Spring and Summer but I think it is so much more cosy to light the in October to February. I also love to have the fire on while watching TV in the evening. What are your favourite scents and brands for candles?

The last thing (well the last thing that I am going to list today! Because otherwise we could be here all year!) that I love about Autumn is the “appearance” of it. What I mean by this is the beautiful trees, the look of the fires and candles and pumpkins for Halloween and the fashionable clothes you can wear. I love it when you go on a walk and you can see a row of trees with red, orange and yellow leaves, it looks so gorgeous.


I hope you have a great week!


Hmella 🙂


PS I think that at the end of blog posts for a while I might put a question at the end for you to answer! If you like this idea then answer this question in the comments! ” What is your favourite Autumn or Halloween themed food or drink?”

Primark Haul


This post is a Primark haul (although a couple things are from other place!) for Autumn or Fall for any Americans! (what do other countries call it??). Well I hope you’ve all had a great September; and who is excited for the next 3 months!!?

Well after possibly my most crazy introduction lets actually get on with the haul!


The first thing is actually from Debenhams and it is a gorgeous red pinafore. I LOVE pinafores especially around September, October and November. It’s from red herring so it is really lovely quality (and it was in the sale WOO HOO!). I really like the length which is just above the knee, it is also a lovely stretchy material. I think it was around 18 pounds in the sale, but I am not sure. It has already been worn many times!

The next thing I got from Primark are these gorgeous memory foam slippers. They are so comfy and they were only £4!

I LOVE this shoes. They are so cute and yeah probably not amazing quality but they were only £3!! 3, not 30 but 3. I was so excited and I couldn’t resist buying them.

The next pair of shoes are these gorgeous ballet pumps which are a lovely pale pink colour! These were also only £4.

Onto more clothing items. I got this lovely Gryffindor hoodie. It is really soft inside and is surprisingly good quality for Primark. It was £12.

These are possibly the comfiest things I own. They are so lovely and simple. I personally use them for PJ’s and lounge wear around the house. These were £10.qs

So of course I had to get the matching top, which is this gorgeous hoodie with a beautiful design of Hogwarts on the front. I use this as both lounge wear, PJ’s if it is especially cold and just as a normal hoodie. This was also £10

Well that’s the end of my quite big primark Haul! I hope you enjoyed it! They are lots more Autumnal posts to come!


Hmella 🙂