Lush thunderstorm review 

Hello! I haven’t done a Lush review in a while so I thought I would do one today. The other day I popped into Lush to look at all the new Halloween and Christmas Range, I didn’t pick much up except for the Thunderstorm bath bomb which smells amazing! I think it was £3.50, But I’m not sure.


It was a lovely blue and green colour and fizzed really nicely in the bath.

I don’t know about other people but Watching a bath bomb fizz away is one of the most satisfying things.

When it had all fizzed away, my bath was a gorgeous blue colour with white swirls.

This is one of my favourite bath bombs from Lush, I would highly recommend.



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Why I Love Autumn


Its finally October (well it has been for the last week or two!) I thought that doing a post on my Favourite things about Autumn would be a great way to start this month.

The first thing that I love about Autumn is that the weather gets cooler. I do love Summer and sun and beaches and all that lovely stuff but I personally prefer the colder weather, I love cosy evenings and rain, I really hate it when you are boiling hot and trying to fan yourself and you’re all sweaty. But when it’s cold you can bundle up at get cosy! You have movies and baths and hot chocolates and cosy socks and PJ’s!!

The next thing I love is: Pumpkin spice! If I’m completely honest as much as I love it there is sometimes too much of it especially in America. But things like bread and cupcakes and drinks I really love!! I am also going to link into this Pumpkins. I love carving pumpkins! It just really gives me the Halloween feels and reminds me of when I was really young.

This leads me on to Halloween!! I did love it more when I was a. child as you could have SO much candy and trick or treat and you could eat all you want without gaining any weight! But I still love Halloween! The costumes, the spooky movies and just the amazing spooky atmosphere everywhere you go at the end of October!

Food. I love food in general but in Autumn it gets even better. I’ve already talked about Pumpkin spice, But there’s so much more!! Pumpkin pies, caramel apples, apples and blackberries and all the different and “limited” candies for Halloween. Last year I tried  so hard to get pureed pumpkin. I went to Waitrose several times as well as several other shops and I just couldn’t find it, so I ended up buying some tins of it off Amazon. So this year I think I will do that too. Does anyone else find it hard to find pureed pumpkin at this time of year?

Candles!! I love candles and of course you can still light them in Spring and Summer but I think it is so much more cosy to light the in October to February. I also love to have the fire on while watching TV in the evening. What are your favourite scents and brands for candles?

The last thing (well the last thing that I am going to list today! Because otherwise we could be here all year!) that I love about Autumn is the “appearance” of it. What I mean by this is the beautiful trees, the look of the fires and candles and pumpkins for Halloween and the fashionable clothes you can wear. I love it when you go on a walk and you can see a row of trees with red, orange and yellow leaves, it looks so gorgeous.


I hope you have a great week!


Hmella 🙂


PS I think that at the end of blog posts for a while I might put a question at the end for you to answer! If you like this idea then answer this question in the comments! ” What is your favourite Autumn or Halloween themed food or drink?”

Primark Haul


This post is a Primark haul (although a couple things are from other place!) for Autumn or Fall for any Americans! (what do other countries call it??). Well I hope you’ve all had a great September; and who is excited for the next 3 months!!?

Well after possibly my most crazy introduction lets actually get on with the haul!


The first thing is actually from Debenhams and it is a gorgeous red pinafore. I LOVE pinafores especially around September, October and November. It’s from red herring so it is really lovely quality (and it was in the sale WOO HOO!). I really like the length which is just above the knee, it is also a lovely stretchy material. I think it was around 18 pounds in the sale, but I am not sure. It has already been worn many times!

The next thing I got from Primark are these gorgeous memory foam slippers. They are so comfy and they were only £4!

I LOVE this shoes. They are so cute and yeah probably not amazing quality but they were only £3!! 3, not 30 but 3. I was so excited and I couldn’t resist buying them.

The next pair of shoes are these gorgeous ballet pumps which are a lovely pale pink colour! These were also only £4.

Onto more clothing items. I got this lovely Gryffindor hoodie. It is really soft inside and is surprisingly good quality for Primark. It was £12.

These are possibly the comfiest things I own. They are so lovely and simple. I personally use them for PJ’s and lounge wear around the house. These were £10.qs

So of course I had to get the matching top, which is this gorgeous hoodie with a beautiful design of Hogwarts on the front. I use this as both lounge wear, PJ’s if it is especially cold and just as a normal hoodie. This was also £10

Well that’s the end of my quite big primark Haul! I hope you enjoyed it! They are lots more Autumnal posts to come!


Hmella 🙂

Summer favourites 

Hello! It is now September and Autumn is definitely on the way if not here already! I personally prefer Autumn over Summer. My favourite season in Autumn then Winter, Spring and then Summer. I digress! I thought since Summer is almost I would do some of the things I have been loving this Summer.


The first thing I’ve been loving is Zoella’s soak opera! I’ve Had this for a while and this is my second bottle!! It smells really lovely and floral and the scent lingers after you’ve washed. I personally prefer using this as a bubble bath but you can also use it as a shower gel.


The next thing I loved over the summer is soap and Glory Sugar crush hand gel. It smells like sweet lime and it is such a lovely consistency and smells gorgeous.

Another shower gel I loved is Imperial Leather foam burst in the scent Shea butter and orange blossom. I first found out about this in Zoella’s vlog when she went to boots with Mark. It smells Amazing and I absolutely love how it foams up!


The last shower item I love is Zoellas shower shake from her new range Jelly and Gelato. It smells gorgeous and it leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft.


Well that wraps up Summer! There will be LOTS of Autumn posts this year so keep your eyes peeled!


Hmella 🙂

Tobermory Chocolate Factory

Hey! How are you all?? Todays post is on Tobermory Chocolate factory.

So I went to Mull this Summer and while I was visiting I went to the Tobermory Chocolate factory.


There is a sweet cafe and shop there so I went to the cafe first. I got a White Hot chocolate and two chocolates.

The two chocolates I got were a pineapple cream and a dark chocolate chilli.

The white hot chocolate was really delicious! It wasn’t too sickly sweet, and I honestly think it’s the best white chocolate I’ve ever had! Though not the best Hot chocolate, just white!

The pineapple cream was nice, if I’m honest it was a bit too sickly, but it was nice and did taste like pineapple with white chocolate round the outside.

The Chilli chocolate was really nice! It was really spicy but I loved it! It was really rich and I think it was definitely better than the pineapple cream.

In the front counter there were lots of chocolates which I actually didn’t buy any but they all looked really nice!


In the shop I bought this little jar for Christmas and Autumn from Sasse and belle for only 2 pounds!


Well thats the end of this post I hope you enjoyed it!


Holland and Barrett haul 


Recently I have decided to go on a low sugar diet as sugar isn’t very good for you. If you have too much of it it makes you gain weight, it also makes hay fever worse and it makes you skin more spotty (or at least for me it does!). I thought to myself “There is no way I’m going to be able to do this diet without a trip to Holland and Barrett.” So that’s exactly what I did!

I absolutely love tea especially as it near Autumn and winter, so I got these tea bags from Heath and Heather and they are in the flavour apple and cinnamon! I love this two things together and I thought what great way to start off autumn (because it’s almost here!!).

The next thing I got were these sugar free sharp sherberts. I personally love lemons and when I saw these I thought “what a great substitute for sugary sweets!” So I had to get them. I have tasted them now and I really like them! They are quite sour in the middle but if you like sour lemons like me then you would definitely like these!

The next thing I got was coconut oil, I love coconuts (what about you?). This oil can be used for cooking (for example I use it To fry eggs with instead of butter.) You can also use it in you hair as well.

The last thing I got is this coconut and cacao spread. This tastes delicious and although it’s not sugar free it’s not really high in sugar and most of the sugar in it is natural sugar from the coconut. I really like this as a snack with banana.

Well that’s the end of this haul, I hope you enjoyed it! Comment below some of your favourite healthy foods!


Have a nice day!

Hmella 🙂

Five of my Favourite Things


Today I thought that I’d write about a few of my favourite things ( No I’m not about to break into song!). I haven’t put them in order because I feel that I couldn’t put them in order (It would have taken me hours and then when I finished I would have changed my mind!) This post is going to be slightly more chatty than my regular posts, please do tell me if you prefer this format!


My family are so important to me and there are some days when I don’t want to talk to anyone but them, most of my childhood memories are with them and I honestly can’t imagine my life without them.



Christmas is hands down my absolute favourite time of the year. Partly because I prefer the cold to the heat, me and heat don’t mix well (unless I’m on a beach!), don’t get me wrong I love Summer but I totally adore Winter and Christmas. I love snow, fairy lights, the songs! I also love baking around Christmas time, Gingerbread men, sugar cookies, mince pies, Hot chocolate and basically anything with cinnamon in it! (I am getting so hungry right now!) I also love to go gift shopping for my family and friends and to finish it off by watching a Christmas movie by the fire with my hot chocolate and a gingerbread man wrapping the presents! Christmas movies are just the best, aren’t they! Whether you’re snuggling up with a hot chocolate by yourself on a cold day or just having it on in the background. (Not going to lie I watched Home alone a couple weeks ago in July, JULY!! I’m crazy, please tell I’m not the only one!) My favourite Christmas movie is Elf, what’s yours? I’m going to stop rambling about Christmas in the summertime now!


Harry Potter

I LOVE Harry Potter, it is such a big part of me, I love reading the books over and over again and I think I have watched all the movies about 10 times each and they still don’t get boring, my heart melts every time I see them. I have Hermione’s wand which I absolutely love! When I’m in a lazy mood I’ll say “accio” and that gives me the power to get up and get it! or imagine it flying towards me. I refuse to think that Harry Potter isn’t real, and Hogwarts is my second home! I could honestly ramble on about Harry Potter for days so if you’re a pottered and want to see more Harry Potter posts please let me know!


Baths & pampering

I generally prefer baths in the winter but I do like them in the summer as well. If I have had a long hard day one of my favourite things to do is run a bath put some bubble bath in (Zoella’s bubble baths are my favourite ones) and maybe treat myself with a Lush bath bomb. I think pampering yourself every once in a while is very important. Exfoliate yourself, maybe do a face mask, put on a body cream afterwards. Then just spend the rest of the evening calm and phone free!


Baking is definitely one of my favourite hobbies, I love to both try out new recipes and re make loved old ones and occasionally try making up my own recipe (a couple days ago I made up a recipe for pumpkin cookies, and somehow they actually turned out quite well!) which usually fails, but sometimes it kind of works. I also like to try new recipes that are sugar free as I think sugars nice from time to time when it’s a treat but as a daily thing it’s not good, so I try to stay away from it but sometimes I have to have some sort of sugary thing to indulge in!


Well those are my top five favourite things! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you get to know me a little bit better!

Have a great day!


Hmella 🙂