La La Land Review

Hello! Welcome to/welcome back to my blog.

Last weekend I saw La La Land in the cinema, as everyone had been talking about it and talking about how great it was and I am a big fan of musicals.

I was very impressed (as a piano player myself) that Ryan Gosling who plays sebastian, learned the piano just to be in this movie. I was also very impressed with both Ryan Gosling’s and Emma Stone’s amazing singing voices.

I did overall think that people hyped up the movie more than it should have been, but it was a very good film. The plot was good but did carry on a bit (it was a very long film), and I don;t want to give any spoilers away but the ending was very sad, but it did have a hidden message behind it.

And of course the songs were fabulous, and I am still listening to some of them. My favourite two songs were: Another day of sun and City of stars.

I would definetley reccomend watching this film!

Hope you found this helpful!