Red velvet cupcakes


So it’s almost the end of January already! Usually January drags on for me but this year it has gone relatively quickly.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon I thought I would bake something for that. So since I have never made red velvet cakes before so I thought I would try it.

So, I for some reason used to think that red velvet cakes were chocolate and vanilla cakes coloured red with cream cheese icing. They are not, and I don’t even know how I didn’t know because I have had them before!! Well for those of you that like me didn’t know the cake is a chocolate and vanilla cake coloured red but also has buttermilk in it as well as Bicarbonate of soda. * I actually didn’t have any buttermilk so I used milk mixed with lemon and it worked fine.

So I used Cupcake Jemma’s recipe, I don’t know if any of you know her but she has a youtube channel and posts some recipes and this one was really simple and was really delicious. * I used 1/2 quantities for the cakes and 1/3 quantities for the icing (and I still had spare icing!) Here is the link to the video: 


So here are the pictures!!

Have a nice day! Please tell me in the comments if any of you are interested in baking too!

Hmella 🙂


Five of my Favourite Things


Today I thought that I’d write about a few of my favourite things ( No I’m not about to break into song!). I haven’t put them in order because I feel that I couldn’t put them in order (It would have taken me hours and then when I finished I would have changed my mind!) This post is going to be slightly more chatty than my regular posts, please do tell me if you prefer this format!


My family are so important to me and there are some days when I don’t want to talk to anyone but them, most of my childhood memories are with them and I honestly can’t imagine my life without them.



Christmas is hands down my absolute favourite time of the year. Partly because I prefer the cold to the heat, me and heat don’t mix well (unless I’m on a beach!), don’t get me wrong I love Summer but I totally adore Winter and Christmas. I love snow, fairy lights, the songs! I also love baking around Christmas time, Gingerbread men, sugar cookies, mince pies, Hot chocolate and basically anything with cinnamon in it! (I am getting so hungry right now!) I also love to go gift shopping for my family and friends and to finish it off by watching a Christmas movie by the fire with my hot chocolate and a gingerbread man wrapping the presents! Christmas movies are just the best, aren’t they! Whether you’re snuggling up with a hot chocolate by yourself on a cold day or just having it on in the background. (Not going to lie I watched Home alone a couple weeks ago in July, JULY!! I’m crazy, please tell I’m not the only one!) My favourite Christmas movie is Elf, what’s yours? I’m going to stop rambling about Christmas in the summertime now!


Harry Potter

I LOVE Harry Potter, it is such a big part of me, I love reading the books over and over again and I think I have watched all the movies about 10 times each and they still don’t get boring, my heart melts every time I see them. I have Hermione’s wand which I absolutely love! When I’m in a lazy mood I’ll say “accio” and that gives me the power to get up and get it! or imagine it flying towards me. I refuse to think that Harry Potter isn’t real, and Hogwarts is my second home! I could honestly ramble on about Harry Potter for days so if you’re a pottered and want to see more Harry Potter posts please let me know!


Baths & pampering

I generally prefer baths in the winter but I do like them in the summer as well. If I have had a long hard day one of my favourite things to do is run a bath put some bubble bath in (Zoella’s bubble baths are my favourite ones) and maybe treat myself with a Lush bath bomb. I think pampering yourself every once in a while is very important. Exfoliate yourself, maybe do a face mask, put on a body cream afterwards. Then just spend the rest of the evening calm and phone free!


Baking is definitely one of my favourite hobbies, I love to both try out new recipes and re make loved old ones and occasionally try making up my own recipe (a couple days ago I made up a recipe for pumpkin cookies, and somehow they actually turned out quite well!) which usually fails, but sometimes it kind of works. I also like to try new recipes that are sugar free as I think sugars nice from time to time when it’s a treat but as a daily thing it’s not good, so I try to stay away from it but sometimes I have to have some sort of sugary thing to indulge in!


Well those are my top five favourite things! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you get to know me a little bit better!

Have a great day!


Hmella 🙂










My Christmas baking plans

Welcome to Blogmas day 6!

I LOVE baking and I especially love it during the festive season, so today I thought I would share some of the things I am planning on baking this Christmas.

First off is somehthing I have been wanting to make since probably 2014 or 2013 is Paul Hollywood’s Kransekeke. If anyone can pronounce this correctly I will be really impressed. Doesn’t it look impressive, so I will be very proud of myself I can produce this this Christmas!


The next thing is a Gingerbread house. I made one of these years ago and I feel 2016 is the time to make another gingerbread house. They look amazing, are lots of fun to make and taste good!


The next thing I would like to make isn’t quite as impressive but is something that Zoella posted in a video a couple days age and it is christmas tree brownies. These are really simple and just put a festive twist on some regular brownies!

They are the things in the bottom corner.


Another thing that I shockingly have never made are mince pies, I love the taste of them and always buy them from the store but have never made them.


This is another one of Zoe’s recipes that I did last year and would love to make again and these are her Gingerbread cupcakes.


I will obviously be making Christmas sugar cookies, cupcakes and lots of other festive goodies!

Tell me in the comment your favourite things to bake in December! And also leave questions for a festive Q & A.

I hope you enjoyed and I will post tomorrow for day 7 of Blogams!

Hmella 🙂


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s November 29, which means only a couple days until December. This gets me SUPER excited as I absolutley love Christmas as well as the run up to Christmas.

Advent means that you can:

  1. Get in the Christmassy mood (is that a word?)
  2.  Start buying (and wrapping) presents
  3.  Go Christmas shopping in Christmassy shops
  4.  Go to a local Christmas market (if you have one)
  5.  Do some Christmas baking!! (YES!!!)
  6.  Blankets, dressing gowns, chocolate, PJ’s, beanie hats and hot chocolates
  7.  Gingerbread and candy canes
  8.  Christmassy scented hand creams, shower gels, body creams etc (I have been loving Zoella’s Christmas range)
  9.  Opening advent calenders (I have a thorntons chocolate advent calender)
  10. Watching Christmas movies and listening to xmas music (FYI this isn’t every thing I love but just my favourites!)

This brings me on to my last point: the song “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”, my favourite version of this is sung my Michael Buble. Whenever I hear this song this is what I think of…


Well then this leads me to the end of my blog, Thank you for reading and tell me in the comments what your favourite things about Christmas and advent/the run up to Christmas are!

Hmella 🙂