January Favourites

Hello! I am going to talk in this post about what I’ve been loving in January! Please tell me in the comments what you’ve been loving last month.

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So the first thing I have been loving in January is quite a classic thing but it is a weekly planner. I find it really useful and looks really nice on my desk. The only thing I would change about it is that I would add a Sunday and a Saturday because it is quite annoying when you want to write something down for the weekend and there isn’t a space for it. But I find the little notes and the tick it off quite useful and it was only £5 in the sale from boots.

The next thing I used a lot throughout January is the Burt’s Bees Deep pore scrub and the lemon cuticle cream. The scrub I like to use about every other day and my skin feels really refreshed after using it. The lemon cuticle cream is great because I have rough nil beds and this really helps smooth them out.

I started to read And then there were none near the end of January and I think it is fantastic! I really like reading Murder Mysteries and I am about 1/3 through it and I already love it. I was going to watch it after I read it but one f my friends said NO! Don’t I could barely watch it, it was so gruesome and scary. So I might not. Have any of you watched it? But the book is really good.

MURRAY MINTS! They are so delicious and this M and S ones are so good. They were only like 1 or 2 pounds. Amazing. That’s all I have to say.

Onto more beauty related things. I got this MUA Highlighter for Christmas and I LOVE IT. The pattern is really pretty but the colour and shimmer are really mice, not to overpowering but a nice little shimmer.

The US office is so good! I watched some of it a few years ago when I lived in the US, but I bought this of amazon and it is hilarious. Steve Carrell is sooooo funny. If you haven’t watched it I would Highly recommend it!


Well that’s the end to my January favourites, what did you guys love last month?



Five of my Favourite Things


Today I thought that I’d write about a few of my favourite things ( No I’m not about to break into song!). I haven’t put them in order because I feel that I couldn’t put them in order (It would have taken me hours and then when I finished I would have changed my mind!) This post is going to be slightly more chatty than my regular posts, please do tell me if you prefer this format!


My family are so important to me and there are some days when I don’t want to talk to anyone but them, most of my childhood memories are with them and I honestly can’t imagine my life without them.



Christmas is hands down my absolute favourite time of the year. Partly because I prefer the cold to the heat, me and heat don’t mix well (unless I’m on a beach!), don’t get me wrong I love Summer but I totally adore Winter and Christmas. I love snow, fairy lights, the songs! I also love baking around Christmas time, Gingerbread men, sugar cookies, mince pies, Hot chocolate and basically anything with cinnamon in it! (I am getting so hungry right now!) I also love to go gift shopping for my family and friends and to finish it off by watching a Christmas movie by the fire with my hot chocolate and a gingerbread man wrapping the presents! Christmas movies are just the best, aren’t they! Whether you’re snuggling up with a hot chocolate by yourself on a cold day or just having it on in the background. (Not going to lie I watched Home alone a couple weeks ago in July, JULY!! I’m crazy, please tell I’m not the only one!) My favourite Christmas movie is Elf, what’s yours? I’m going to stop rambling about Christmas in the summertime now!


Harry Potter

I LOVE Harry Potter, it is such a big part of me, I love reading the books over and over again and I think I have watched all the movies about 10 times each and they still don’t get boring, my heart melts every time I see them. I have Hermione’s wand which I absolutely love! When I’m in a lazy mood I’ll say “accio” and that gives me the power to get up and get it! or imagine it flying towards me. I refuse to think that Harry Potter isn’t real, and Hogwarts is my second home! I could honestly ramble on about Harry Potter for days so if you’re a pottered and want to see more Harry Potter posts please let me know!


Baths & pampering

I generally prefer baths in the winter but I do like them in the summer as well. If I have had a long hard day one of my favourite things to do is run a bath put some bubble bath in (Zoella’s bubble baths are my favourite ones) and maybe treat myself with a Lush bath bomb. I think pampering yourself every once in a while is very important. Exfoliate yourself, maybe do a face mask, put on a body cream afterwards. Then just spend the rest of the evening calm and phone free!


Baking is definitely one of my favourite hobbies, I love to both try out new recipes and re make loved old ones and occasionally try making up my own recipe (a couple days ago I made up a recipe for pumpkin cookies, and somehow they actually turned out quite well!) which usually fails, but sometimes it kind of works. I also like to try new recipes that are sugar free as I think sugars nice from time to time when it’s a treat but as a daily thing it’s not good, so I try to stay away from it but sometimes I have to have some sort of sugary thing to indulge in!


Well those are my top five favourite things! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you get to know me a little bit better!

Have a great day!


Hmella 🙂










November Favourites- Day one of Blogmas

Welcome to Day 1 of Blogmas! I hope you are having a fantastic December so far. I thought I would start of Blogmas with some of the things I have been loving through November, I hope you enjoy.

1The first thing I have been loving is Zoella’s hand cream Hungry Hands from her Christmas range: zoella-hungry-hands

It was only 5 pounds from superdrug and is a very decent size, and has the most goregous scent, which is gingerbread with vanilla and smells like a little gingerbread village (My dream house!) It moisturises the hands very nicely and lasts a long time, one of my favourite hand creams ever!

2.The next thing is Tanya Burr’s baking book Tanya Bakes:tanya-bakes

I got this quite near the end of November for about 9 pounds on amazon and it was totally worth it! So many recipes and lots of really sweet backstorys on the bakes and the bakes are amazingly delicous!

3.I have also been enjoying wrigley’s extra white gum


It has lots and lots of gum in it and the gum is really nice and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and minty.

4.I really enjoy using spotify (premium) as it is so useful and a lot cheaper (for me) than buying songs off itunes.

5. Aussies Winter miracle shampoo (and conditoner)


It smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling so super soft and your hair shines (like freshly fallen snow, at least that is what it said on the packet.

I am planning on doing a Q and A on Christmassy things later on in December, so if you could comment some questions, that would be really useful.

I hope you have enjoyed the post and I will post tomorrow for day 2 of blogmas!


Hmella 🙂