Aims for 2018

Hi all!! I hope you had a really nice new year and Christmas period, I apologise for not posting since Christmas Eve but I needed a bit of a break since Blogmas. I hope your New Year has been going well, mine has so far!!

So as some people do this year I have made some aims for the following year and I thought I would chat through them.

My first one is to drink more water. Especially as the warmer months are coming it is so important to keep hydrated, I have a really cool water bottle which has a filter in the middle which you put fruit in and it will flavour the water, so I will definitely be using that this year.

My second aim is to lose a bit of weight, I know this is something that lots of people do and is such a classic new year’s resolution, but I do think new year is the best time to get fit. I want to lose about 5 or 10 pounds from what I was at Christmas ( I don’t want a set target as I don’t want to think to much about the number but more about being healthy and building muscle and getting rid of fat) and I have already lost 1.8, so I am happy I have made start. I also don’t want to focus too much on the number on the scale and try to think about body fat percentage, because of course muscle weighs a lot and you don’t want to focus too much on losing weight. When I was younger I would always think I want to lose weight but now I think more like I want to get fit, the weight is more like a guideline to me.

This sort of goes hand in hand with the last one but eating healthier and not buying too much refined sugar products in packages but going to the fruit and veg and making delicious meals (especially Breakfast and lunches)  because I love baking so much, I really want to grow a love of cooking, I think it is such an amazing thing that you can make a delicious meal from scratch. I personally love healthy foods as well, and things like avocados and tomatoes are truly yummy and although buying a ready meal is alright sometimes, don’t you feel so much better about yourself if you’ve had a good healthy meal, even if it was a really big one. So I will be posting about some of my favourite healthier recipes. I have Niomi Smart’s Eat Smart book, which I think is fantastic. I also think baking is great, and definitely treat yourself but sometimes I want to try low sugar or sugar free recipes to be a tiny bit healthier.

My final aim is to be a nicer person. Although aims and resolutions like losing weight and eating healthier are important I think being a nice generous person even more important. So every day I want to go to bed thinking I have done something nice or kind to help someone else. One of my favourite quotes is ” It is nice to be Important but more important to be nice” and I think this is so true.

So take it day by day and I hope you all have a really great 2018!!

Hmella 🙂