Winter is almost over

Hi! It’s finally February!

Okay so after saying in my last post that January was going quicker than usual, the last couple weeks really dragged on and I am so happy we have got to February!

I thought I would do a post today because the weather outside is GORGEOUS, I am looking outside my living room window and there are few clouds and a lovely blue sky! I just got back from a walk with my dog, and although it is still quite cold it is getting nearer to Spring. I think that here in the UK we have had more snow than we have ever had since the winter of 2011 and 2012.

I am extremely excited for Spring, I think is it a beautiful time of year, it has some really nice dates, although there isn’t a big Holiday like Christmas there are still some very nice dates such as: Mother’s Day, Easter and my Birthday! I also think that the weather is really nice because it’s not scorching (I hate hot weather and yes I live in the UK but I just don’t like hot weather) but it’s getting slightly warmer.

Well this was a nice post, thought I’d just write a ¬†little post.