Tanya Burr’s Christmas Range

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So let’s get on to the post, so I am sorry that it is a little late but I think you can buy some of Tanya Burr’s Christmas range (not a lot but some is still left on Feelunique and Superdrug). I quite like Tanya Burr’s Cosmetic range, but I thought I would wait until the sales are on to buy stuff from her Christmas range.

So the first thing I got I actually bought about half way through December ad it was her twelve days of Christmas. I was hoping to use it from the 12th to the 24th but unfortunately The package (I bought online) arrived a little late. So I used it for the twelve days of Christmas (25-5) which I actually preferred because it gave me something to look forward to after Christmas.

So the calendar used to cost £30 but I got it for only £10 which means that each door costs only just over 83p which I think is fantastic value for money. There were three nail polishes (a beautiful red, a clear with silver sequins and a gorgeous gold) , three lip glosses ( a red, pretty nude pink and a clear glittery one), 2 eye liners (a gold one and a silver one), 2 glitter pots ( a white one and a dark navy one called midnight magic) , a mirror and a nail file.

I really enjoyed this advent calendar and will probably buy another one next year if she brings one out. Here is the link to it on feel unique : https://www.feelunique.com/p/Tanya-Burr-12-Sweet-Days-Beauty-Calendar

The next thing I got was the Glow du cocoa (I love the name!). This gift set is designed like a chocolate bar on the outside which I thought was very cute, inside is a lip gloss (Caramel Glaze), A bronzer (toffee crunch) and a highlighter (Frosted). I really like the lip gloss and the highlighter they both have a very nice shimmer to them, the lip gloss is quite shimmery so wouldn’t be a very everyday lip gloss. I like the bronzer, it blends well but honestly the colour is quite dark, I am quite pale but I think you would have to be quite tanned for it to be the right shade. But it was only £3 from Superdrug when I got it so I am glad I got it but you can get it from Feelunique : https://www.feelunique.com/p/Tanya-Burr-Glow-Du-Coco-Gift-Set

The last thing I got was the Tip Top treats which is a 2 in 1 nail polish and a nail file. The nail polish looked very posh and expensive but the actually product wasn’t that good. The pink colour was alright but the white spotty one would peel off so easily and felt a bit like glue. The nail file was alright but overall I wasn’t very impressed. I bought it for I think £7 at the beginning of December. You can buy it on Feelunique here: https://www.feelunique.com/p/Tanya-Burr-Tip-Top-Treats-Red-Manicure-Gift-Set

So overall I was very impressed with Tanya burr’s Christmas range and would recommend getting some of the things as they will sell out soon.


NOTE: This post is NOT sponsored, I just put in the links so it is easier for you to buy the products.


Summer favourites 

Hello! It is now September and Autumn is definitely on the way if not here already! I personally prefer Autumn over Summer. My favourite season in Autumn then Winter, Spring and then Summer. I digress! I thought since Summer is almost I would do some of the things I have been loving this Summer.


The first thing I’ve been loving is Zoella’s soak opera! I’ve Had this for a while and this is my second bottle!! It smells really lovely and floral and the scent lingers after you’ve washed. I personally prefer using this as a bubble bath but you can also use it as a shower gel.


The next thing I loved over the summer is soap and Glory Sugar crush hand gel. It smells like sweet lime and it is such a lovely consistency and smells gorgeous.

Another shower gel I loved is Imperial Leather foam burst in the scent Shea butter and orange blossom. I first found out about this in Zoella’s vlog when she went to boots with Mark. It smells Amazing and I absolutely love how it foams up!


The last shower item I love is Zoellas shower shake from her new range Jelly and Gelato. It smells gorgeous and it leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft.


Well that wraps up Summer! There will be LOTS of Autumn posts this year so keep your eyes peeled!


Hmella 🙂